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How to Book a Cash Trade with Bitcoin Babe

In person cash trades have been a staple of the community for many years. By removing middle men such as banks, payment processors and other traditional finance tools, customers are able to transact directly, and in real time with their chosen trader, which not only gives users a sense of comfort in seeing the process unfold, but also give them the chance to engage with traders and ask questions they may not have felt comfortable asking in an online environment.

Booking an in-person trade with Bitcoin Babe is a very simple process, which ensures customer are met with at a location they are comfortable with, and with a clear understanding of how much the process will cost, with no hidden fees.

Step 1: Get in the Zone! (but not a dangerous one)

Meeting locations are divided into 4 "zones", which are calculated based on a distance between Bitcoin Babe and you. Each zone is marked out on an interactive map which can be found here. Each circle represents 1 "zone". If you get stuck, you can use the key below:

Now say for example, you would like to meet in Bankstown. Bankstown is located in Zone 4, which means, you will need to use the "Zone 4" category when making a booking.

Step 2: To buy? Or not to buy...

Now that we know that our preferred location is in Zone 4, it's time to make a booking! This is done via the booking page here.

There are two options when it comes to making a booking - Book an appointment to Buy Crypto, and book an appointment to Sell Crypto. Please ensure you select the right one to avoid any confusion!

By clicking the drop down icon next to the name, it will show some instructions on how to complete your booking. Click "Learn More" to see the full article.

Step 2B: I made a mistake...

Each zone has its own trade minimum - The further I have to travel from the "Bitcoin Babe Bat Cave" the more you will need to cough up when it comes to placing an order. Below are the trade minimums for each zone:

Zone 1 - $100 minimum Zone 2 - $2,500 minimum Zone 3 - $5,000 minimum Zone 4 - $10,000 minimum (these minimums apply to both buying and selling)

If you are ever unsure, these minimum purchase amounts are displayed on the booking descriptions (visible by clicking "learn more"), On LocalCoinSwap, and on the P2P trading page.

Based on the example from earlier, Bankstown was a Zone 4 area, meaning the minimum purchase amount is $10,000. So what happens if you only want to purchase $5,000 worth? You can still do it, it just means you will need to travel a small distance to an area within the Zone 3 space.

Hot Tip: Bitcoin Babe offers a discounted rate if you meet in Zone 1!

Step 3: Making your Booking

Knowing now that you will need to meet in a zone 3 suburb, its now time to make your booking! Simply find the zone 3 booking option from the list, and click the "Book It" button on the right.

The next page to appear will be the booking calendar. Black date numbers indicate that there is free time available on that day. Grey date numbers indicate that there are no bookings available on that day, or, that day has already passed.

By clicking your preferred day, this will show you the times available I can meet you at. If your preferred time is not available, you may need to select another day. I do book up quickly, so its always helpful to book 2-3 days in advance where possible, however bookings can be made 3 hours in advance, if the time is available.

Once you have selected your preferred day and time, the "next" button will activate to let you know you can proceed.

Step 4: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Now you will need to give us all the juicy details! but not too juicy.. a name and an email is really enough! A mobile number is asked for, but not required.

The important parts are letting me know where you would like to meet, and how much you would like to trade. If you're unsure about any of these things, you can always get in touch with my via the live chat to discuss your option.

Be sure to confirm all the information is correct, before clicking the "Book It" button.

So long as you have entered the correct email address, you will receive an email confirming your booking. If you have any problems, such as needing to reschedule, or changing the meeting location, you can do so by replying directly to that email.

If no email is received, and you have done the usual "check your spam box" tricks, then please contact me immediately, to ensure your booking was made properly, and your details are correct.

Step 5: Reserving your Crypto

The day has finally arrived, where you get to meet the amazing Bitcoin Babe and purchase (or sell) your Crypto!

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, all orders must go through LocalCoinSwap - If you don't already have an account, it is recommend you sign up now by clicking here

To ensure you are using the right listing, head to the P2P trading page, and Scroll down to the "Map" section - you will find a table of all the listings for each zone and Cryptocurreny. For the example above, we'll need to click the "Buy" link corresponding with "Bitcoin" and "Zone 3" - It's kinda like playing battleship!

Hot Tip: Make sure you place your order no later than 2 hours before your booking time. Placing your order is your way of confirming to me that you're coming, so if there's no order, I wont show!

This will take you directly to the corresponding listing required to place your order LocalCoinSwap. Please ignore the "Location" set by LocalCoinSwap - it is just a place holder to keep the ad active. To check you have the right listing, look at the header in the "Terms and Conditions" section, and make sure it matches the zone you booked for.

Once you have entered the amount you wish to purchase, a button will be visible showing you can place the order. As soon as this is done, your booking will be confirmed via the trade chat on LocalCoinSwap, and I will see you soon!

Hot Tip: If you're Selling Bitcoin, you will need to move the bitcoin you wish to sell to your LocalCoinSwap wallet before you will be able to place your order!

Step 6: Let's meet!

It's that simple! We meet, we exchange, and I has one more happy customer! I allocate 20 minutes for every customer, so if you have any questions, or need further clarification on anything, this will be your chance to ask. Be sure to bring a phone, tablet or laptop to confirm your order has be processed correctly.

But that's pretty much it! all done!

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to use the contact page here to get in touch.

Happy Bitcoining!



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