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Bitcoin Babe is a bespoke Cryptocurrency brokerage service in Sydney Australia, focused on the delivery of alternative opportunities to "cash in" or "cash out" out of the market.

Established in July 2014, Bitcoin Babe has grown to become Australia's #1 peer 2 peer (p2p) trader in volume, having successfully completed  over 50,000 trades, as well as one of the longest running traders on LocalBitcoins - a pioneer of the p2p market.

Bitcoin Babe is a service that strives to offer one of the largest ranges in alternative payment methods, specifically of those involving cash. With the exception of crypto ATMs, Bitcoin Babe is one of the last surviving traders in Australia to offer a cash in person trading service, providing customers across the Sydney metropolitan area to meet face to face, without the use of banks or 3rd party payment providers.

Bitcoin Babe PTY LTD is a registered proprietary limited company in Australia, and a registered Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) with AUSTRAC as of April 2018.

ACN: 613 688 707

ABN: 16 613 688 707

DCE: DCE100575454-001


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