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How to buy Bitcoin using your Credit/Debit card, PayPal, and more!

Ahh plastic payments! Aren’t they just ever so convenient? Whether it be tap and go technology using the chip on your credit card, or the ability to pay from your PayPal balance using your smart watch, the possibilities have become almost endless!

But as the level of convenience heightens with our new age way of paying for our double whip soy hazelnut mochaccinos, so does the risk of fraud. Even with 24/7 monitoring systems which has more red flags than a Chinese flag manufacturer to shame, our financial system is forever chasing their tail, trying to catch up with the abundance of fraud.

Unfortunately, this puts purchasing Bitcoin using such payment methods into a bit of a pickle. Given the “high risk” nature Bitcoin poses to traditional financial services, like its pseudo anonymity and irreversible blockchain transactions, it makes it a breeding ground for scammers to take advantage of Fiat to Crypto services; and with that being the case, we very quickly see one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Legitimate customers wanting to purchase using a more convenient method of choice are quickly locked out and limited for options.

This is why, I have devised the process below to help combat that!

What you’ll need

Before we jump into the how to, you will need to have the following ingredients ready:

Once you have all those things set and ready to go, you can continue on to the step below!

Step 1: Initiate your order

To start off, head to the credit card listing on LocalBitcoins here. Enter the amount of AUD you wish to purchase – please keep in mind you can only make payments in set amounts of $20, $30, $50, $100, $200, $300 and $500, so make sure your order is for one of these amounts (the reason why will be explained later in this tutorial).

If you open an order for the incorrect amount, just cancel your order and start a new one.

Step 2: Activate your order in the payment processor

Your order will be processed by the Bitcoin Babe Payment Processor, an automated system that allows customers to purchase Bitcoin 24/7 without having to wait for me to come online. To activate your order, simply enter your LocalBitcoins username into the first text box, and your Trade number (also known as your contact#) in the second box, then click next.

Pro Tip: If you would like to see a full tutorial on how the payment processor works, click here.

Step 3: Verify your ID

Fill in the form displaying with your basic information as it appears on your ID. On the first upload page, include the two photos of your photo ID - A selfie of you holding your ID next to your face, and photo of your ID next to your computer/tablet/phone screen with the LocalBitcoins trade open. Once you get to the secondary ID verification page, upload a copy of your most recent bank statement in both sections, as they are. You won’t need to worry about taking selfie and trade screen photos for that!

Pro Tip: For a full tutorial on how to verify your ID with Bitcoin Babe, click here

Step 4: Agree to the T&C’s

Tick each box to signify you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the trade. If there is anything you are unsure of, or do not agree to, you can always contact me to discuss it before proceeding with your payment.

Step 5: Choose your payment method

In order to receive your Bitcoin, you must purchase a Flexepin Voucher. Flexepin vouchers are a cash voucher you can use to purchase goods and services online where Flexepin is accepted (like Bitcoin Babe!). Vouchers are issued in set amounts of $20, $30, $50, $100, $200, $300 and $500. For more information about Flexepin, be sure to check out their website here.

There are currently 2 online resellers for Flexepin – and Both services provide valid Flexepin vouchers that an be paid for in varying currencies and payment methods. Use the list below to find the payment method and currency you would like to use, so you know which website to choose:

Please note: Payment methods are subject to change an unavailability at the discretion of the Flexepin Reseller.

Once you have decided, click the link under your chosen voucher value, to be taken straight to the vouchers purchase page.

Pro Tip: For a quicker service, use SCDkey! Not only is their processing time quicker, but they also offer a lot more payment methods and currencies too!

Step 6: Make your payment

Click the “Buy Now” button on your chosen Flexepin voucher or use the add to cart option if you intend on purchasing multiple vouchers. If you want to change your payment curr

Follow the prompts on the website to make your payment.

Pro Tip: Use “codeBB” at for an extra discount on your Flexepin voucher purchase!

Step 7: Redeem Voucher

When your payment has been successfully received by your chosen website, take note of where they will deliver your Voucher PIN – Your voucher PIN is like cash, if you lose it or give it someone else, it will be gone forever! For SCDkey customers this should be delivered straight to the orders section of your account. Offgamers customers, this should be delivered to your email within 24 hours.

Copy the voucher PIN and return to the Bitcoin Babe Payment processor. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Pay by Flexepin” button. Enter your 16 digit Flexepin voucher PIN and click redeem. The voucher will be automatically validated and redeemed, and the Bitcoin will be credited to your LocalBitcoins wallet instantly!


What if I want to purchase an amount different from the voucher values?

Say you want to purchase $420 worth of Bitcoin. You can do this by purchasing multiple vouchers at once – 1 x $300, 1x $100, 1 x $20. You can purchase the vouchers at the same time, however you will need to place a new order on LocalBitcoins for EACH voucher to redeem them – for safety and security reasons, you cannot redeem more than 1 voucher on an order.

Why can’t I just send my payment straight to your PayPal account?

It is against PayPal’s terms of service to use their service to trade Bitcoin. If you get caught out, it’s a life time ban for both parties involved. As I have already been banned, I do not want my customers facing the same fate. By adding the extra step of dealing with an online voucher retailer, you can obscure what it is you’re actually purchasing, thus, PayPal (or your bank) can’t tell you are buying Bitcoin.

Why is it so expensive?

Unfortunately the fees charged by the online retailers are out of my control – these are just associated with the cost of doing business for them. However, by signing up with SCDkey, you can earn points for every purchase you make, and join their affiliate program to promote their site and earn credits, which you can use to get discounted and even free Flexepin Vouchers. So get spamming!

Is there an age limit?

If you’re old enough to hold a bank account with a debit card, then you’re old enough to buy Bitcoin!

I have a problem! Can you help?

If you have PAID but have NOT received your Voucher PIN, please contact either SCDkey or Offgamers support.

If you have received your Voucher PIN but it is NOT working, or for any other enquiries, please contact me.

Know someone who might find this tutorial handy? be sure to give this post a share!

Happy Bitcoining!



Disclaimer: Bitcoin Babe has no affiliation with any of the above mentioned resellers or payment processors. Bitcoin Babe is a registered and verified merchant of Flexepin. This is NOT a sponsored post, however commissions are made on the sale of Flexepin vouchers via SCDkey, and any transaction you make on LocalBitcoins, if you registered using my referral link.

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