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How to send Cardless Cash to Bitcoin Babe

In recent times, Institutions such as Commonwealth Bank, St. George, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA and Westpac are now offering customers the convenience of allowing users to pick up cash at select ATM’s around the country without the need for a Card. You can also have friends or family pick up the cash on your behalf.

Bitcoin Babe is now offering the service, of allowing customers to send their cardless cash requests to Bitcoin Babe in exchange for Bitcoin. The process is hassle free, with no need to go to a bank like a cash deposit, or an ID check like a bank transfer. Simply follow the steps below for your chosen banking app.

Commonwealth Bank

Step 1: Access the CommBank app and select the Cardless Cash option

Step 2: Select whether you or someone else will be collecting the cash

Step 3: To send, simply select the amount you want to send, and you will receive an in-app Cash Code and Cash PIN via SMS.

Step 4: Send these two codes together via the trade chat on

For more information please refer to the CommBank Website or to the video tutorial below:

Westpac/St. George/Bank of Melbourne/BankSA

All four of these banks have the same or similar system, so the following instructions may deviate slightly, depending on your bank.

Step 1: Login to your Mobile Banking app (available for iPhone or Android)

Step 2: Select the 'Cash' icon

Step 3: Complete the one time set up by accepting the Terms and Conditions and completing Secure Code SMS authentication.

Step 4: Once set up, choose an eligible transaction account to withdraw money from, the amount and select 'Get cash code'.

Step 5: Send the 6 digit code via the trade chat on

For more information please refer to your respective bank, or to the video tutorial below:

Ready to place your order? Click here!

Does your institution support cardless cash, but you don’t see it on the list? Let Bitcoin Babe know!

Happy Bitcoining!



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