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Cash Trades with Bitcoin Babe

Since 2014, meeting face to face to buy and sell Bitcoin with cash has been a staple of the Bitcoin Babe offering. Starting on LocalBitcoins, the offering has since moved to LocalCoinSwap, to offer a personalised experience that ensures client transactions are smooth and stress-free. The below information highlights some of the need to know details about cash trades, to help you get going.

What is a Cash Trade?

A cash trade is a direct exchange of cash for cryptocurrency (or vice versa) conducted in person. This method provides a fast, private, and secure way to buy or sell cryptocurrency without the need for a bank account or online transaction.

The Cash Trade Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how cash trades work:

  1. Request a Booking:

  • Fill out the booking form with your information, preferred location, and a brief note about your trade (e.g., "buying $20,000 worth of Bitcoin").

  • Ensure you provide active contact details for further communication.

  1. Await Confirmation:

  • You will be contacted to confirm the details of your trade. Please respond promptly to ensure your booking is accepted.

  1. Place Your Order:

  • On the day of your trade, place an order on LocalCoinSwap for your desired cryptocurrency and amount. Allow a few hours for your order to be successfully escrowed.

What to Expect During the Trade

Each booking provides a 30-minute time slot. This period allows us to safely conduct the trade and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions or seek further assistance.

Meeting Locations and Preferences

The service area covers the Sydney metropolitan region and surrounding rural areas. You can choose from two location options:

  • Local Trade: Meet in Penrith.

  • Out of Area Trade: I come to your desired location.

When meeting in person, locations must be a public place with high visibility, security (like CCTV or security guards), and accessible parking. Examples of such suitable venues include fast food restaurants, petrol stations, banks, police stations, cafes, shops, libraries, and museums. For the avoidance of any doubt, I will not come to your house, and you will not be coming to mine.

Interstate trades can also be arranged upon request. For more details, feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can visit a CoinFlip ATM, which I have partnered with, for easier trades - Read more about it here

Trade Volume, Minimums, and Fees

There is a minimum order value of $10,000 for all trades; this is to ensure feasibility to offering the service. For smaller amounts, visiting a CoinFlip ATM and using code 'BABE50' for 50% off the trading fee is much cheaper.

When placing your order on LocalCoinSwap, the advertised rate determines your final trade price - simply put, what you see, is what you get! There are no additional fees or charges, as these are covered within the trade value. For Out of Area Trades, the advertised rate will differ slightly to Local Trades. This is due to an included price premium to cover any travel expenses. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may want to considering choosing the local option instead.

For high volume trades, you may be required to split your order into two trades - with 75% of your order value in one trade and the remaining 25% in another. Upon meeting for our trade and exchanging the cash, the 75% order will be released immediately. The remaining 25% will be released after the cash is counted at a secure location (unless there is a discrepancy in the amount, at which point you will be contacted). Off-site counting is recorded, and live streaming is available upon request.

ID Verification

ID verification is mandatory for all trades regardless of the amount. Usually, this is a one-time requirement, but re-verification may be needed if your ID has expired or there are significant changes in your trade patterns. For high-volume trades, additional verification such as proof of funds/crypto source may be required. You can complete ID verification in person during the trade or pre-submit it via the website.


I always want to ensure customers feel safe when meeting for cash trades. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to your trade for assistance or support. For higher value trades, I may be accompanied by an additional person to assist with transporting cash. Rest assured, appropriate distance is adhered to in order to maintain a balance between security and privacy. I do not tolerate aggressive, intimidating, abusive, or threatening behaviour. Attempting anything stupid will result in you getting hurt.

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