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Cash trades now have a new home thanks to LocalCoinSwap!

Dear fellow Bitcoiner,

On Saturday morning of the 1st of June, I awoke to the grim discovery that not only was it the first day of winter and bloody cold outside, but also that LocalBitcoins had made the executive decision to remove face-to-face trading as an option from their website globally. This was done without warning or reason. Having been trading on LocalBitcoins for nearly 5 years, it's disappointing to see how quickly the grasp of our Government overlords can completely strangle the life out of what was meant to be a decentralized market.

While it saddens me to see a long time service that has committed so much to the P2P community, literally disassociate with the mission they set out to achieve, the show must go on, and contingency plans need to be made available so I may continue to provide an uninterrupted service.

This is why I am grateful to announce, face-to-face trades will continue, and now be offered via LocalCoinSwap!

Better yet, the cash trade option will now feature the extended range of CryptoCurrency offered including, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash and Ripple, as well as Bitcoin.

LocalCoinSwap is one of the last remaining non-regulated P2P services on the market – So while you will still need to jump through my KYC hoops (thanks Government overlords...), You won’t need to jump through any hoops with LocalCoinSwap, making double verification a thing of the past!

Besides the escrow service change, everything else remains the same. So,if you would like to catch up for some coffee and Crypto exchange, be sure to check out the booking page to reserve your Crypto and time!

Never tried a cash trade before? Check out the tutorial here!

Hope to see you soon!

Happy Bitcoining!



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