COMPETITION x 2: Design our new ATM Card! Win free money!

Woah look we're doing art things...

The Bitcoin Babe ATM card's have served many of you well over the past few years. It has certainly been a great addition to our range of services, and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.

As our ATM card stock begins to run low, I noticed, that in the next batch to be ordered, somewhere within that will be our 1000th card issued. To celebrate this, we have devised not one, but TWO super awesome competitions!

Competition One: Design our new ATM cards!

While our 3 designs (Lovingly named Coin, Babe and Logo) have certainly been a great conversation starter at the old Woollies checkout, We have decided that its time for an upgrade...

The task is simple - using the template below, create something to be put onto the new Bitcoin Babe ATM cards. Once you have done this, submit it by commenting on the Facebook post where you found this link or reply to it via Twitter, and be sure to tag Bitcoin Babe in the photo where possible!

While creative freedom is an amazing thing to have in this world, there are a few guidelines you will need to follow in order to have your design submitted:

  • Must contain the "Bitcoin Babe" name or logo.

  • Must be "family friendly" (no naughty words, nudity, or heinous acts being depicted in the image)

  • Work must be your own and not stolen/copyrighted work.

Once this is submitted, 3 winners/designs will be chosen, to replace the old designs. Winning designs will be picked based on a fan vote - The designs with the most "likes" will win! so be sure to get your friends and family involved!

You can submit your design once per platform (So once on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), You can also submit as many designs as you like, so long as they are not of similar likeness to your previously submitted design.

Designs submitted that does not meet the rules, will be deleted where possible, or not counted.

So what does the winner receive? Well, certainly a bit more than a chicken dinner! Each winner will receive their newly designed ATM card, loaded with $100! That like, 10 chicken dinners!

Entry's and voting closes 28th of February 2018.

Important Links:

Click here to download the template

Click here to submit via Facebook

Click here to submit via Twitter

Hooray! ATM Competition! celebrate! yippee! .... jks ... I have no friends ... I hate it when stock images make me realise how lonely I am...

Competition Two: 1000th ATM Card draw!

To celebrate the 1000th ATM card being issued, we are giving ATM card customers the chance to win $1000 sent to their ATM card! Here's how to enter the draw:

1. If you haven't already, Order your FREE Bitcoin Babe ATM card here (Only one per customer)

2. Load $50 or more onto your card before our Daily ATM card count reaches 1000 (check our social media pages for updates!) to be entered into the draw - the more times you load, the more chances you have to win!

3. Once the count reaches 1000, we'll draw for our lucky winner!

4. ???


Competition ends once the count gets to 1000, so get going!

Happy Bitcoining!



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