Welcome to Bitcoin Babe 2.0!

Well isnt this a sight for sore eyes!

Over the past few months, A lot of work has gone into upgrading, updating and revamping every aspect of Bitcoin Babe, from the look and feel of the website, to the Bitcoin Trading and ordering process. There has been a lot ups and downs through this overhaul, and first and foremost, I would love to thank my loyal customers who have been patient and supportive throughout this process.

So whats new?

The Bitcoin Babe Payment Processor

One of the biggest and most exciting additions to the Bitcoin Babe service, is the Bitcoin Babe Payment Processor - an extension of the bitcoin-babe.com website which allows customers to instantly verify their ID and make their payment through our Bank Transfer, POLi or Cash Deposit listings.

Some of you have already been lucky enough to try it out - and the feedback from it has been exceptionally positive. The biggest response coming from POLi transactions being 100% INSTANT! With some sneaky web developer work, once you make your payment via POLi, your Localbitcoins order is instantly released, any time, any where, regardless of whether I'm online or offline, you receive your Bitcoin before you even have the chance to mark your payment as completed! Don't believe me? Try it out now!

More competitive rates

With the uncertainty around Bitcoin regulation within Australia the past year, including the ATO, AUSTRAC and Financial institutions, trading Bitcoin has been very comparible to walking on egg shells, so to speak. But since dedicating the time to properly research and commit to the Bitcoin culture, we have been able to keep our rates consistantly low to give our customers the best market price available.

Revamped Website

It's been a long time coming, but finally, the days of dead links, out dated information and tacky colour schemes is now over! We've listened to your feedback, and have aimed to make bitcoin-babe.com a simple yet effective website to browse, with all the information you need to know, direct to the point.

We've also included new sections such as Bitcoin Babe News, Frequently Asked Questions, Payment method comparison tables, a more accessable terms and conditions section, and made our live chat an external page, rather than letting it annoy the crap out of everyone that visits the site!

...And whats next?

We have plenty of new and exciting things in the works for our customers (and our fans!) So stay tuned, things are only going to get better from here!

Happy Bitcoining!



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