How to get on the Bitcoin Babe VIP List

To say thank you to our most loyal customers, Bitcoin Babe offers an exclusive VIP rate for Bank Transfer, POLi, and Cash Deposit Purchases. So far, we have nearly 1000 customers receiving the VIP rate!

How do I get the VIP rate?

At the end of each month, customer orders are reviewed based on their frequency of purchasing, and the amount of each purchase. Some of the crieria that must be met include:

  • You have verified your ID with Bitcoin Babe

  • Have purchased more than $1000 worth of Bitcoin from Bitcoin Babe

  • Placed more than 3 days worth of orders (Meaning, placing 1 order on 3 different days. Placing 3 orders in one day will not make you elligible for VIP!)

Customers are notified of when they are added to the VIP rate via message in the trade chat of their most recent order.

Where can I find the VIP rate?

The VIP rate is hidden until you have been added to the VIP list. Once you have been added, you should be able to see the VIP listings on the Bitcoin Babe Localbitcoins Profile, or on the front page of

How can I tell if I am getting the VIP rate?

VIP Listings are marked with the VIP title. If you are on the VIP list, but not seeing the VIP title, please ensure you are using the correct listing. Direct links to the VIP listings are below. (But remember, if you're not on the VIP list, these links wont work!)

Bank Transfer POLi Cash Deposit

I think I should be on the VIP rate! Can you add me to it?

Bitcoin Babe has a lot of orders each month and some stats can be accidently over looked. If you believe you meet the criiteria above, then make sure you say something the next time you place your order, so your status can be reviewed.

VIP status is given at the discression of Bitcoin Babe.

Happy Bitcoining!



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