OTC/SCO Services

An Over The Counter order (or OTC for short), allows customers to purchase or sell large amounts of Crypto, without causing a concerning fluctuation in the market. Traditional OTC Crypto services set rather large minimums for these sorts of orders, in attempts to circumvent the "smaller fish" or "time wasters" to take on more lavish corporate clients with deeper pockets.

If you haven't noticed already, Bitcoin Babe is far from traditional! Which is why I don't offer OTC orders, but rather offer SCOs - Special Customer Orders - Because some orders require special attention!

SCOs have a minimum limit of $10,000, and offer flexible rates, delivery times, and payment methods to suit your needs. Everything you need to make your transaction special!



Payment Options
How does it work?

Bitcoin Babe offers customers the ability to purchase or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, and Ripple, with a minimum order amount of $10,000. You can arrange to make or receive your payment in a method that suits you best including, Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, PayID/Osko, MoneyOrder, Cash in Mail, and Cash in Person. Escrow is available at an additional cost, and subject to availability. A lead time is required for cash payments of any kind.

My service is a "second settlement" service - meaning rates and delivery times can only be locked in once either the funds are in my account (when purchasing Crypto) or when the Crypto is received in my wallet (selling Crypto).

Whether you prefer peace of mind, or you are a bit more of the negotiating type, my rate options are designed to tailor fit, and suit your needs. Keep reading below to find out more!

Flat Rate SCO

Flat Rate orders allow customers to buy or sell their Crypto at an all-inclusive quoted rate, with a fast turn around time. A locked in and guaranteed rate helps takes the edge off when dealing in a volatile market, giving you peace of mind that you get what you pay, or sell for.

Variable Rate SCO

Variable Rate orders give customers more control and transparency with their order, to ensure they are getting the best deal. Prior to making payment, you will be given the opportunity to set special requests you are 100% happy with, which I will endeavor to fill for you. Only want me to purchase Bitcoin for $10,000? I'll make it happen! Only want to sell Ethereum within a price range of X and Y? Easy done! Need your LiteCoin to come from a Nepalese Sherpa? I'll climb the Himalayas to find some! It makes for a great way to get a more competitive edge on your order, whilst still avoiding slippage.

Variable Rate SCOs also come with the added bonus of a tracked loyalty system - Every 5th order you place gets a 50% discount on your fee, and every 10th order you place gets you a fee free transaction! For more information, be sure to get in touch.


I charge a set fee for this service which is outlined below. This fee includes GST and may be used at tax time! (just ask your accountant first!) 

$10,000 - $250,000
$250,001 - $500,000
$500,001 - $750,000
$750,001 +
2% incl. GST
1.5% incl. GST
1% incl. GST
0.5% incl. GST
Subscription Service

If you're intending on transacting frequently, and don't have the time nor patience to work out fees and charges, then the subscription service may be for you. By paying your fee up front and at an discounted rate, this voids all charges associated with my services, leaving you with the peace of mind that the quoted price is the final price. The upfront fee does not change, meaning you are free to purchase or sell as much Crypto as you please!

Subscription fees are payable up front, and already include the discount. This fee includes GST and may be used at tax time! (just ask your accountant first!)

Time Period
30 days (one month)
90 days (three months)
180 days (six months)
Total upfront cost
$7,500 incl. GST
$15,000 incl. GST
$20,000 incl. GST
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