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How much is your bank cashing in on your business?

Whether you use a bank issued eftpos machine, Phone App or PayPal, Payment processing systems can cost your business up to 4.9% of all transactions put through their services! And that doesnt include fees such as monthly and annual rental of the device, set up costs, insurance, and even exit fees if you want to discontinue your service! Annually it is costing your business thousands of hard earned dollars!



Why should my Business start accepting Bitcoin?

While bitcoin may be a developing economic option, and not a very well known household name like "Visa" or "Mastercard", by accepting bitcoin, you are opening your business to exposure to a unique and quickly expanding market of bitcoin users - who in turn are more likely to visit and recommend your business to friends, family and other bitcoin users, simply because you accept it! Your business will also be listed on a number of national and international "bitcoin accepting business" directories. Talk about great publicity!


As mentioned before, banks and other payment processors can easily cash in on your business via transaction and other annoying fees. The great thing about accepting Bitcoin is, there are no fees! Whether your customer is paying for a $4.50 coffee, or a $1500 TV, at the end of the day, you receive that money. No mark ups, no discrepencies, what the customer pays, is what you get! Which means less expense for your business!   


Another great point to make is that bitcoin is unhackable, and cannot be used like a stolen credit card or cheque book, or replicated like counterfeit notes. In 2014 alone, credit card and cheque fraud amounted to over $350 million. If your business were to receive a fraudulent transaction or counterfeit notes, you would have to reimburse that loss, or have your insurance cover it if you elected so when receiving your eftpos device - which could result in a higher insurance premium. Bitcoin cannot be copied or counterfeited, and is irreversable, which means no matter what happens, your payment is garunteed! 



How easy is it to start accepting Bitcoin?

Setting up your business to start accepting bitcoin can be done as quickly as processing a payment at your usual EFTPOS terminal! But obviously there is a bit of information we would have to go over first before we get to that step.


Our service makes sure your business has all its bases covered when you decide to start accepting bitcoin, including:


  • an initial consult to meet you, discuss your requirements, explain how the process works and to answer any questions or queries you may have 

  • Setting up Point of Sales (POS) systems

  • Providing staff training to ensure a smooth transition process. 

  • Daily remittance for Bitcoin to Cash conversion

  • Promotional material including signage, directory listings, and other marketing material

  • Help and support including system updates, maintenance and help with any technical difficulties that may arise


When can I get started?

We're ready when you are! Send an enquiry via our contact page for more information, and to book in your free consult.



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