Bitcoin Babe ATM Cards

Convert your Crypto to real time cash on your very own Bitcoin Babe ATM Card! 


Bitcoin Babe ATM cards are reloadable, and can be used anywhere where EFTPOS is accepted - including ATMs within Australia.


To minimise risk, Bitcoin Babe ATM cards can only hold a maximum amount of $1,000 at any one time. Transferring any more funds onto your card will result in the payment being rejected. (For example, if you have a $400 balance remaining on the card, you can only load $600).


It is recommended you read the fee schedule and the Terms and Conditions to ensure you are familiar with your card and how it works. Still unsure? Check out the FAQ page for more information.





Bitcoin Babe ATM cards come in 5 stylish designs. Pick your favourite colour - or Crypto!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Claim your Free card today!

Cards are sent free of charge via Australia Post. Simply submit your details and choose your design.



Reload Card

Need to load or reload your balance? Customers who sell their Crypto in exchange for a balance top up get the best available rate on their order! Just select the "ATM card" option!



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